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How To Use Uber App For Drivers In USA – Ultimate Guide


Uber has introduced an app with a similar concept for transportation globally. Over here, they provide a platform for every driver to host in every part of the city. It connects these drivers to passengers with just a simple click on the app.

In this article, we will tell you how Uber actually works and how to sign up for the driver position on the Uber app.

How To Use Uber App For Drivers?

1)  Get Going

As a driver, before taking orders from Uber, you must complete a few compulsory steps. It is the part of your car and your cell phone with an internet option.

Uber will make sure you are not mentally unstable or a rash driver so that they will involve concerned authorities for your background check. The reason for this is to give customers the satisfaction that they are safe to travel with you as a driver.

Second, to get into an agreement, a driver must be 21 years old and have an excellent driving record.

Third is that they will inspect your car (from A to Z) before you start earning money. So usually they take from model 2001 to recent models. 

Moreover, what they want from you is your insurance. As soon as you begin earning, the Uber driver app will provide you with liability insurance, up to $1.5 million. It is to cover insurance costs which will be covered through the expense of your every ride.

They will charge approximately 20% of the total amount of each trip. Hey! Don’t worry about the percentage. Occasionally Uber provides new drivers with some exciting incentives like bonuses of up to $100 for completing the target, like 20 rides.

2)  Going Online

The Uber driver application is free for its drivers. So, whenever you are ready, just click on the app and click “Go”.

So, wherever you go online, you will start receiving rides automatically. And when you get paired up with the ride, your phone will give you a pop sound with a notification about the ride. So it’s up to you to swipe to accept or decline it.

3)  Directions Before And During Ride

The Uber application is built on Artificial Intelligence. It provides you with a map of the current location of you and the passenger and gives you easy and short routes to get to the passengers.

 And when you pick up the passenger, it will give you the destination address and again will provide you with the shortest distance to the destination.

4)  Earning From the Rides

You may see how much you have completed the rides and how much you have driven after each ride. All the earnings will go either directly to your bank if the payment is through a credit or debit card. And if your customers pay cash, you will get paid instantly, and it will tell you immediately how much you owe the percentage of that ride to Uber.

 So it is easy to track the record of your earnings. And with the credit or debit card payment, you will get paid every week according to Uber policy.

How To Get A Good Rating In Uber

Uber has a rating system that gets feedback from customers about the driver, ride, and car in the form of a rating scale from 1 to 5. If you drop your rating to 4.6, you will get a red flag for your poor rating. This ensures that drivers show good behavior towards passengers during the trip.

However, this job mostly depends on feedback. You will not only get blocked from Uber but also avoid customers with low ratings. Maybe as a driver, you provide the best service but still get a bad review from customers who are difficult to persuade or like they don’t like the car face or anything.

There might be some technical errors, too, during the trip or when the passenger is giving feedback. So, don’t let your rating go down below 4.6. A few tips to improve your rating are as follows.

1)  Keep Your Car Neat & Clean

Keep in your mind your car from the inside (windows, seats, and floor) should be clean. Keep your interior and exterior maintained while the paint is not ripped or the passenger feels an unpleasant odor.

2)  Talk Less With Passengers

Your job is to keep your focus on the road and talk only when needed. Customers prefer a silent ride and expect the driver to pay maximum attention to the safety rules during the trip.


Uber is booming in the international market. Hence, every driver needs to know how the application works. The Uber app for drivers is quite simple, but newbies mostly want the guide to get going. So, take help from this article and make the most out of the Uber app for drivers.

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