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HuntMinds is a platform for many reading enthusiasts seeking innovative, useful, and motivating knowledge, and a large number of guest bloggers submit their quality articles on HuntMinds. Through our writing for our platform, you will be responsible for submitting guest posts, articles, trend updates, and extensive technical information to our readers. Are you eager to contribute to our publication?

Do You Want To Write A Guest Post?

Our writing team is exceptional, but there are growth opportunities for you. They don’t know everything and are too preoccupied to dive into the technical aspects of other fields’ technology, and they don’t always have the same hands-on expertise as an industry thought leader. That is why we have decided to give experts from different sectors a platform where they can write for us and share their expertise and unique perspectives with our readers.

Write for Us

Writing for HuntMinds will take a lot of effort. We want your blogs to be the best they can be, and we’re here to assist you. Once your submission has been accepted, our staff will provide detailed feedback and, if necessary, may request modifications.

What are the benefits to you? With thousands of peers visiting our blog, including potential employers, publishers, and clients, your work has a good chance of being recognized. In addition, a contributor’s total experience includes rewarding learning down the road with an amazing platform that allows for exchanging ideas and experiences.

What Are We Looking For?

You can send a rough document, a partial manuscript, or a pitch highlighting what you want to contribute and why it might interest our readers to help us understand your views. The amount of our response will be proportionate to the size of your contribution. Make sure you include an outline of your post as well to ensure this. We only publish original content and do not republish anything already published elsewhere.

– Our Content & Tone

Everything on our blog is about the readers, and we make sure it stays that way. The most important aspects we look for are the content’s quality, authenticity, and credibility.

We use a professional but friendly tone that flows naturally with the information. The best voice for us is bold, intriguing, and human.

– What We Put Out:

  • We favor blog postings that are based on factual reporting and analysis. A thesis or coherent argument is strongly recommended compared to a collection of easy tips and tactics.
  • We have several blog areas, and submissions to any should be between 600 and 800 words, with feature entries being no less than 1200 words. Regarding original reporting, we recommend pitching ideas to the editor first. Guidance on business: “Write for us.”
  • If you wish to submit a whole piece, ensure it’s in Word format rather than PDF.
  • Hyperlinks can be utilized only to acknowledge relevant and reliable resources.
  • Due to our many submissions, our staff will only contact you if we like your idea and are willing to publish your writing work. Feel free to submit your blog elsewhere if we don’t respond within 2 business days.
  • Search Engine Optimizers, digital marketing experts, IT enthusiasts, information curators, and others will be among your target audience.

Areas We’d like Guest Bloggers to Cover

If you are willing to contribute, the following are areas of content we accept;

How to Make a Submission

If you’d like to write for us on any category, send your pitch or entire blog to [email protected] and contact us on Skype for consideration.

What’s Next?

  • Here’s what occurs when you’ve successfully submitted your document:
  • Our editor will review your contribution and evaluate whether it meets our criteria. If this is the case, the team will go through it and discuss it.
  • Everyone on the team will give their input, and the editor will respond with remarks.
  • Send back the amended draft after you’ve addressed our suggestions. It will be re-evaluated, and you will be notified if it is acceptable.
  • Our editor will work directly with you on style, organization, and arguments once your piece has been accepted.
  • We’ll schedule your article for publication when it’s ready to get published once all the tweaks have been completed.

Guest Posting Benefits With HuntMinds

HuntMinds is also about community development, and we intend to achieve it using our contributor platform. Experts from various industries who are prepared to write for us regularly and want to create a relationship with public affairs intermediaries are most welcome! However, we will set the bar high and only accept amazing writers with authentic and authoritative knowledge of the topic.

– An Increase In the Amount of High-Quality Traffic

People redirecting from guest blogs to a blogger’s website has increased significantly.

– Increasing the Number of Subscribers

One of the most intriguing aspects of guest blogging is the number of subscribers. Guest blogging certainly garners more results and subscribers than regular blogging.

– Improved DA and SEO

Credible content improves Google PageRank over time without requiring you to devote time to sophisticated SEO strategies or purchase many connections.

– Increased Online Presence

Guest posting on blogs other than your own feeds readers’ brains and gives you a positive image.

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