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5 Ways to Get Genuine Product Reviews On Online Review Platforms?


The decision to purchase is influenced by a number of crucial elements. Your customers will still look for items that can persuade them to buy from you even if you sell the proper products. One of the elements that are heavily highlighted to promote sales is to get genuine product reviews on online review platforms.

As per research, 89% of customers look for customer experiences before buying from a brand. It has a significant impact on the buying decision, which may or may not work for the brand, depending on the choices.

Indeed, more than 88% of consumers trust online reviews compared to company promotions. They tend to know how customers experience purchasing products from a particular brand. Although peer recommendations work best, experiences shared on online review platforms are still the first preference of every customer.

If you are not aware of this fact, you must know that product reviews are vital in increasing conversions and sales. No matter what business you own, you always have to accept the reviews so that prospective customers may know your services effectively.

It can be a huge challenge for you to get genuine product reviews on online review platforms. But there is a way out.

Let’s learn how to get genuine product reviews in simple ways.

Get Genuine Product Reviews On Online Review Platforms

1) Cater To Your Customers On Social Media

Social media is an extensive platform that is popular among all users around the globe. It provides a dedicated channel to connect users and brands so that everyone can get their desires fulfilled.

Although people use social media to make friends, it has become the widest platform to share experiences with businesses. This is because it allows the users to let others know the positive and negative points about the services.

You should use the platform to let your customers share the positives about your brand. If you want to find genuine product reviews on online review platforms like social media, sentimental analysis tools will help you to know the feelings shared by your customers.

It is one of the finest solutions to let your buyers know that you are ready to listen to them. You will definitely not compromise on making things work out when such tools are already a blessing to online businesses.

2) Generate Personalized Emails

Your customers will always wait for your follow-up programs to give you advice that is workable for the business. Whether it is text messages or a personalized e-mail, such practices always influence buyers in many ways.

Do not let go of your customers once they buy a product from you. Although you should give them some time to test and feel the product, it is always a plus point to any business if it asks the customers how they liked the product.

You can also wait for the right time to contact your buyers. Not necessarily; you piss them off by sending the bulk of emails. Just take a deep breath and let your customers experience the product from all angles before they show you up.

Hence, generate emails that simply redirect the customers to such platforms where they can share their experiences without a hassle. 

3) Add Space On Your Site

Sometimes, buyers are comfortable posting a review about a product on the site. But not every brand has this option enabled for the buyers.

Don’t let this happen to your buyers, at least. Give them an opportunity to share their experience with you and suggest some improvements to thrive further. Maybe you won’t need any suggestions, but there can be some ideas that will help your business achieve heights.

Develop a clean and creative site where there should be enough space to accept genuine product reviews. Often, visitors scroll down to read the experiences directly on the site before making the final decision. This won’t be a hassle for them, and you will notice the biggest change in the total number of sales.

You can also embed a code through which reviews from other platforms will be accessed on your site. 

4) Make Yourself Available On Review Sites

Your efforts to get genuine product reviews should not be limited to social media or your business site. You should let your buyers speak about you on different review sites.

This is one of the 100-dollar tips that will give more exposure to your brand, and other prospects will know more about you.

You should let your buyers share their experiences on reliable online review platforms. It will attract more buyers to your business and improve your sales to a great extent.

Do not just end up on platforms with paid or fake reviews. Only trust the sites with a name in the industry, and other businesses can simply vouch for its service.

5) Offer Interesting Incentives

Who doesn’t love to get gifts and vouchers from any brand? Well, this is again one of the practices that get more interest from the buyers in your business.

You should make a deal apart from getting genuine product reviews. When customers share a genuine review of your products or services, offer them incentives to appreciate their response. It will encourage others to share their experiences, which will again go in your favor.

By offering incentives to your buyers, you are making them associate with your brand. It is always considered the highest perceived value, so why not the buyers will take an interest in sharing their thoughts and experiences about your products and services?

Offer them something compelling so that they return to your business to buy more products from you.

To Sum Up!

Getting genuine product reviews will be essential in increasing any business’s worth. If a customer posts a positive review about the business, more customers reach out to the brand to experience the same. However, a negative review is a breaking point for any business. 

So, always get a positive and genuine review from your prospects so your business can thrive and get more sales than ever. These simple steps will give your brand more exposure and a lifetime connection with existing customers. So, let’s make it happen and give your customers a chance to share what they feel about your products and services.

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