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10 Simple Ways to Grow on Twitter & Grab Opportunities


Simple Ways to Grow on Twitter

1) Create a Professional Profile

  • Go to and click the sign in button. Then you need to enter your name, email ID, and a strong password. Give your usable mobile phone number to verify your account. When you give your mobile number, Google sends you a verified 6-digit code.
  • Enter your code and go to your account.
  • Now, you need to optimise your profile. Create an eye-catching banner and upload a professional image. Now you need to write your Bio according to your niche and services.
  • Tell your audience about your services and share your experience in numbers.

2) Pick a Specific Niche

  • Select a niche in which you are an expert. Talk about your experience and give your best even if you are a Graphic designer, Architecture, Content writer, SEO expert, etc.

3) Upload Your Content Consistently

  • It’s important to upload your content consistently. So, your audience knows you.
  • Make a habit of creating a single tweet and long threads.
  • Now you will be anxious to know how to write threads and single tweets.
  • It’s very simple: go to your Twitter news feed, click on the TWEET, and write a motivational, inspirational, and informative line called a single tweet.
  • For a laptop or desktop to make a thread, you should go to google docs and write a proper thread and then copy and paste it Twitter news feed and get it published.
  • For mobile, you can save your thread and upload it when you want.

4) Engage With Your Audience – Be Kindly

  • Kindness is one of the best ways to interact with people. You need to be very kind if you want a strong and organic audience.
  • Reply to every comment. Value the opinions of others; if you receive criticism, try to clear it up or ignore it. When you try to ignore them, you lose your grip.
  • Kindness never wastes. The way you behave They are creating their image in the same way.
  • So, let people be proud of you when they talk to you.

5) Make Threads 4 Times a Week

  • In the beginning, you need to be consistent. Make sure to make four threads in a single week consistently.
  • When you write informative threads on a specific niche, people read them.
  • Then Twitter’s algorithm will notice that the creator’s content is helpful to people and the audience is learning from it, so rank the creator’s profile.
  • Another advantage is that once your audience opens the thread, it takes 2-3 minutes to read it.
  • And when someone stays on your content for 2 to 3 minutes, the reach of your profile increases automatically, which increases your followers and engagements.

6) Know Your Right Time for Tweeting

  • It’s important to know the right time for your audience activities.
  • It would help if you were active when your audience is active.
  • You’re posting content, but it’s not reaching your audience, so how can engagement on your content increase?
  • Try to have a specific time to be active.

7) Reply to Everyone in DMs

  • It’s also necessary that you are a responsive guy. If someone drops you a message, then you should reply to them.
  • People know you from your niche and want your help regarding a specific niche.
  • For example, you are a businessman and always talk about business.
  • And nowadays, everyone wants to do small business, so they may ask you questions regarding the business. If you answer them kindly, they believe in your expertise.

8) How to Find the Right Client

  • Yeah, indeed, you earn online to find clients from Twitter.
  • Twitter is a great platform for building your brand. Now let’s explain how to find clients from Twitter.
  • Go to the Twitter search bar and right (Looking for “your niche”). When you write it, a list appears in front of you.
  • Choose your client and send them a ColdDM or leave a comment.
  • No need to go with popular posts; just go with the latest because they have low engagement.
  • Which means you have a chance to prove yourself.

9) How to Send ColdDMs

  • Always write a single message because no one has time to read many messages; keep it simple and inspiring.
  • First, write about yourself, your name, skills, and experience, and then give them proof in a PDF or a link.
  • Be to the point and professional.
  • Don’t wait for your HAY; nobody has time to chat with you.
  • Go forward and reply within seconds.
  • If you want to grab attention, catch the client’s weak point.
  • Don’t talk about yourself; talk about the client’s problem and give them a solution.
  • Speak less and listen more.

10) How to Maintain Twitter

  • What if you cook but don’t eat?
  • Once you’re successful on Twitter, it’s important to maintain that success.
  • It’s not that you won’t need consistency after being successful.
  • Your success depends on your audience. Stay connected and loyal to your audience.

Bonus Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t relay other content. (don’t copy)
  • Don’t tweet above the four tweets.
  • Don’t abuse others in any matter.
  • Don’t waste your time scrolling.
  • Don’t miss informative spaces.
  • Don’t be shy to show your talent.
  • Don’t tweet too many at once.
  • Be realistic with your audience.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Be consistent always.
  • Be active and creative.
  • Be connected and productive.
  • Be obsessive with your content.
  • Be the best by giving your best.

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