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Top WordPress Newsletter Template Examples To Consider Before You Begin


Are you new to WordPress? Do you want to increase conversion by installing the best WordPress newsletter template in your theme? And the questions will go on.

WordPress is one of the most trusted CMS platforms, which is widely used across the globe. Many newbies try to find ways to increase site conversion but need help to get a better response.

Most of the Sites clearly indicate that the WordPress newsletter plugin is one of the solutions to inform the visitors about the new trends and bring them back to your site. This is a popular way to convert traffic into leads.

But not everyone is a perfectionist in the beginning. One must learn the basics to prepare and implement a strategy for better growth.

It will be best if you research first. Check out some leading sites that use WordPress newsletter templates and give them effective results.

Below are some great examples of trending newsletter templates for WordPress. These are best-fit in various niches, so you can trust these and begin making more strategies.

Great WordPress Newsletter Template Examples

So, here is the list of examples you should know about before deciding on a perfect template for your website. Read everything in detail, and you will know which way to go. 

Keep yourself hooked to get the best template for more subscriptions.

1. Mad Fientist

The name itself is so interesting. Well, it is a popular blog in the niche of finance. The important topics it covers are personal finance and financial independence.

Mad Fientist is the perfect newsletter signup that follows only a two-way approach. The subscribers must first click on the subscribe button and enter the relevant information in the form. This is the best way of increasing conversions using the Zeigarnik effect.

Moreover, the newsletter provides exclusive content and related benefits to regular readers.

2. Kate Spade

Kate Spade follows the trend and uses a WordPress newsletter template that offers a coupon code to new subscribers. Like several e-commerce sites, Kate Spade provides subscribers with an exciting offer that boosts conversion.

However, the template needs to be revised. It still has some amazing features that compel new subscribers to accept the offer.

One of the features is the impactful and fully responsive CTA. It doesn’t let the subscribers leave the site without availing of the offer because it gives them a discount, which is a huge benefit to anyone using it. Also, it has a negative opt-out that again boosts conversions.

3. Hustle Panda

Here is one more interesting example for you. If unsatisfied with your traditional newsletter template, Hustle Panda gives you a reason to believe in the new one.

The site is popular for providing brandable .com domains. So, if you are also looking for such domains, request one via newsletter.

It is really simple in design and provides a useful impression to new visitors. The most interesting benefit of using the newsletter template is that it provides clear content. For instance, the users know that they will receive.com domains and not other offers.

Not only is this, but email frequency is also adequate. Like subscribers are not annoyed by receiving the bulk of emails. Emails only come every few weeks.

4. Backlinko

Brian Dean runs the most popular SEO blog, Backlinko. It consists of several newsletter forms that often pop up on the same page. This simple design is worth looking at. You can always choose the same design for your site to witness more conversions than before.

The newsletter template offers you various benefits. For instance, millions of subscribers have subscribed to the newsletter to receive promising content.

Interestingly, it is exclusive in providing subscribers with beneficial SEO tips. Hence, subscribers are more valued on this blog than readers.

Finally, the newsletter only appears when a user scrolls down the page. This seems more appropriate, making it an attention-grabbing element on the blog.

5. Copyhackers

Number fifth, but worth considering as an example, is Copyhackers. The blog is popular for copywriting. It uses a copy of the newsletter on the page, which clearly indicates the blog’s sole purpose.

The WordPress newsletter template doesn’t bombard subscribers’ inboxes. Only one weekly email is received, which is enough to achieve valuable content.

It adds other benefits, making it stand out from various templates. Moreover, it also has a few examples of other newsletters so users can see which type of content they will get.

6. RemoteOk

Are you looking for a fully responsive and easy-to-handle WordPress newsletter template for your recruitment site? You cannot find any best template other than RemoteOk.

It is one of the popular job portals that shows remote jobs according to the requirements. They have a hidden email newsletter at the bottom of the page.

The surprising fact is that it provides several benefits to the user so that effective results are obtained. The newsletter is based on a simple design. It hardly takes a few seconds to complete the form and enter the subscription list.

Not only this, but the template doesn’t irritate the user by continuously loading on the screen upon accessing the site. The static and sticky position makes it convenient and impossible to reach. Again, the users don’t get notifications often. A frequency is set to avoid any bombarding user’s inbox.

Last but not least, the template includes personalization. This means that every job shows a different look, which gives a pleasing look to the user.

7. Leadinjection

Among many email templates, you cannot avoid noticing this one. Yes, Leadinjection is a promising and fully responsive template often installed to get more subscriptions. The best part of the template is its simple and unique design with some eye-catching features.

You can select a layout of your choice. This is because Leadinjection comprises multiple layouts, which can be selected on your choice. It also consists of premium plugins and icons, making the template stand out.

8. Metro

Last but not least, this email template will catch your sight instantly. It is, again, a fully responsive template with a unique interface and promising user experience.

No matter your business, you can choose this template for better conversion. Again, the template has several layouts, so you have a wide collection. Not only this, but it has 19 ready-to-use modules.

You don’t have to worry about the science behind the template. It is fully tested and ensures excellent documentation ever.

Final Thoughts

This is how some popular blogs and e-commerce sites flourish with eye-catching newsletter templates. You can also achieve the same success if you find a newsletter that goes perfectly with your theme. Do not choose the one which can be a huge mess to a subscriber. It is better to look at the templates with more benefits and exclusiveness for better conversion and boost.

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