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How To Make Fast And Free Animated Videos?


In the past, only a reputable video animation company was able to afford video animation. Thanks to advanced technologies for popular online animated movie creation templates and custom options, creating an animated video is now simple and affordable.

For a meritorious commercial video production, selecting your favourite character, animated infographic, or effect and then modifying the text is now all it takes to create an animated film. Make your first animation right away by starting right now. Moreover, with the availability of user-friendly animation tools online, you can now animate free now without the need for extensive technical expertise. Take advantage of these resources to bring your ideas to life and create captivating animated videos effortlessly.

Shine with professional-level video animation with the tips and tricks this article covers.

Let’s dive in…

Steps that can Eliminate Your Video Production Time

1) Select a Type of Video you Want to Produce

Your target demographic, message, and product or service all influence the video’s aesthetic. Before you start writing the script, it is generally advisable to choose your video style so that you can organise the content appropriately. An infographic animated movie would be appropriate, for instance, if you wanted to emphasise data on the development of your brand. By choosing this approach, you can also organise your data such that it flows more naturally in the movie.

The major animation video styles are listed here:

  • Infographic Animation Videos: Animation infographics use graphs, GIFs, images, and charts to simplify complicated concepts and draw attention to necessary information. Infographic movies are used by organisations to narrate vast amounts of data since they keep viewers’ interest longer than other sorts of animated videos.
  • 2D Animative Videos: Due to the viewer-friendly nature of these movies, educational channels frequently employ them to demonstrate the advantages of a commodity or service. These films also frequently have significant levels of interaction, which benefits authority, brand recognition, and SERP ranks.
  • Typography Animated Films: Also referred to as kinetic typography videos, they are made by changing the look of text and frequently employing various fonts, speeds, and colors to make a statement. Videos using typography have an impact since they entertain and instruct viewers even when the video is muted.

Brands typically employ these to make a strong statement or draw viewers’ attention to a select number of pressing issues that the brand can resolve.

2) Write Down your Script before the Execution

A template for your animated video, the script contains all the scenes and language. It aids in choosing your images, estimating the video length, and determining whether the audience is receiving the desired message from the video.

The process of producing a script for an animated video might be challenging, but there are four key considerations you should make:

  • The Organisation: You want the organisation to be reasonable but not boring. Consider creating a story that will emotionally engage your viewers. You can introduce an issue to your audience, give them a taste of what it would be like to deal with the problem, and then offer your solution or service.
  • The Characters: The secret to crafting a gripping script for an animated video is defining and developing strong animated characters. To help your audience connect with your characters and form an opinion of them, you should develop characters who reflect the fundamental ideas and values of your audience. It is essential to comprehend the audience you are trying to reach before building audience personas based on their basic values.
  • Call to Action: As your animated video comes to an end, make sure that your emotional connection with the viewer has helped them see themselves in the characters. The call to action should be used at this point to enable the message to sin in and increase the likelihood that people will act. The most effective calls to action are succinct and hard sales.
  • Length of the Video: How long you give yourself to tell your tale will also affect how it turns out. Remember that while shorter films often perform better on most social media sites, lengthier videos may be beneficial if your story is interesting. The platform you intend to share the video on will also affect the duration of your videos and, consequently, your script. When creating your script, have a general idea of when it will be finished so don’t get off course.

3) Select your Equipment, then Begin Producing Videos.

Depending on the kind of video creation you have in mind, the animation software that works best for your YouTube video will vary.

  • Animate your Images: Add motion to a slideshow to liven it up. Animate images so they pan across them, zoom in, and slide in and out of the frame.
  • Animate with Vector Graphics: Any pencil sketch or ink painting may be animated. Once you have your sketch, use your mobile device to snap a photo of it and convert it to a vector shape.
  • Make a video using a whiteboard: Try a whiteboard video instead of narration if you need to illustrate a complicated problem or procedure and find the narrative uninteresting. Even in the absence of words or sound, the motion may keep your audience interested and assist them in following you.
  • Utilise keyframe animation: Keyframes are the starting and stopping points for modifications to items on the screen that produce the appearance of movement. Keyframes are used by Adobe After Effects, Animate, and Character Animator to identify various components of a visual and specify how those components move or alter over time.

To Sum Up!

Active videos are renowned for grabbing viewers ‘ attention because of their widespread appeal and straightforward way of presenting complicated ideas. It makes sense to use them to expand your brand, and with the help of this tutorial, you should be able to make animated movies that will make viewers stop and watch right away.

This guide covers information on how to make amazing videos for your brand. If you want to use animated videos to promote your company or brand, get inspired by online off-the-shelf templates, cool effects, and vibrance to make a stunning video in minutes.

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