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How does Pinterest Ads For eCommerce Work For Sellers?


Pinterest is a fantastic resource for finding ideas and beginning new projects. We frequently copy original concepts that suit our objectives. You can visit the website in order to succeed in business. Business owners can try their luck at making more money through Pinterest ads for eCommerce. 

According to social media experts, Pinterest is a future-focused platform that is absolutely ideal for advertising businesses. This one caters to many areas, including eCommerce businesses, because entrepreneurs are urged to discover new ideas.

Hence, exploring new brands like yours takes a few minutes. Surprisingly, Pinterest follows a different advertising strategy. It means you don’t have to work with the mainstream approach to target the audience and achieve the desired goals.

Keep in mind that more than 80% of Pinners purchase from the brands after looking at their inspirational posts. So, you have a chance to make use of the platform and grow your brand like never before.

Do you know why Pinterest Collection Ads for eCommerce are important for your business? Let’s learn together so we can all take advantage of Pinterest to succeed.

5 Pinterest Ads For Ecommerce That Are Impressive For Sellers

1) Standard Pin

This is one of the basic Pinterest ads for eCommerce that you can go for. It allows you to create a vertical or square image, which sellers prefer. 

The standard pin is the same as a regular pin. You can also find a “promoted” label under the pin, which disappears when it is repainted.

2) Video Ads

It is another type of Pinterest Ad for eCommerce that automatically runs when on the feed when it is viewed. Video ads are effective for sellers who are pros at delivering the right message, even if the sound is off.

Remember that video ads are ineffective in places where the users watch the videos with no sound. So, you better know the strategy before putting your hands in it.

Making your videos engaging is recommended so the target audience can get your message even with no sound.

There is also great news for you.

More than 55% of Pinterest users end up buying from sellers by watching videos on the same platform compared to other social media channels. This way, you can earn more profits with a better reach.

3) Carousel

Now, this pin is similar to Instagram. But there is only one difference in using Pinterest’s board, i.e., you can only add up to 5 cards.

Users can easily access Carousels. Once they see the pin on the feed, they can swipe and save them for later.

Interestingly, your carousel will have its own description and landing page. Sellers on global online marketplaces prefer such Pinterest ads for eCommerce.

4) Collection

This is all about the devices. Pinterest Collection ads are developed on desktop computers, while users can view these pins on their mobile apps.

This is different when advertising the business. It is the combination of the main asset and three secondary assets. Pinterest Collection ads are expandable. The main creative expands when the ad is tapped, while 24 secondary creatives can be seen.

5) Shopping

Last but not least, you can also make a catalog to display products to the buyers. This is only achieved by using shopping ads.

There is no rocket science in building a shopping ad on your Pinterest. You only have to target the audience by choosing the preferred ad formatting. This is because Pinterest uses the product data that the seller provides to show products creatively to the Pinners.

Not only this, but you can target those who have already visited your site before with the dynamic retargeting campaign. You can reach the buyers who once added products to the cart.

It would help if you learned how effective these ads are. It enables the Pinners to discover and purchase products with minimal selling efforts.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest ads for Ecommerce should be more noticed when it comes to digital advertising. Pinterest is an effective place to promote your products and services and achieve massive profits with minimal effort. The sellers can come up with creative strategies so that Pinners can find your work interesting and eventually purchase from your site. So, start working on this platform and get prepared to pull off your selling strategy on Pinterest.

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