5 Best FiveM GTA 5 Roleplay Servers in 2023


The FiveM roleplay server is one of the largest multiplayer online games (MOGs) in the world. It offers users a variety of fun, unique, and challenging RPs for great value. This is why players return to the FiveM RP server repeatedly. If you haven’t joined the server before, you might wonder what to expect from the game and what makes it great.

GTA 5 roleplay server

1. Legacy RP

This GTA 5 fivem server offers up all the action with some silliness. It’s a close-to-home experience with a strong community and a lot of fun to be had in the process. A good server for beginner and intermediate players alike.

The fivem has an active discord and several regional servers to choose from. While it may not be for everyone, it’s a great place to find friends and play with a swarm of fellow GTA 5 enthusiasts. To make things even better, there’s a lot of roleplay to be had here.

In addition to the usual suspects, there are some new additions. New Legacy servers are located in San Andreas and Los Santos. They boast a few slick-looking cars, an array of custom jobs, and a few eminently impressive locales. For those who like their roleplay on the go, you can get away from the city and enjoy the bucolic scenery of Luxusbuerg.

2. Lucid City RP

Lucid City RP is a GTA 5 roleplay server with a custom script. It also comes with a custom map and the Cayo Perico expansion from GTA Online.

The Lucid RP community is very welcoming and friendly to newcomers. They have a forum and a Discord where you can communicate with other members. However, it is important to know that they do not allow players to post ad spam or engage in personal attacks.

You can play various characters, from a lowly citizen to a high-paying criminal. The world of LucidCityRP is smaller than the real GTA 5 map but offers more in terms of interaction.

While there are other GTA 5 roleplay servers, LucidRP is one of the best. The server features a custom map, a support ticket system, and a number of unique skills and systems.

3. Grand RP

When it comes to GTA 5 RP, there are a few things that you need to know to find the right server for you. While there are many great options, getting into some of the most popular ones can be difficult.

Some of the most popular GTA 5 RP servers require serious roleplaying skills. They also have strict rules. That’s why shopping around is important before making a final decision.

MafiaCity Roleplay is a smaller RP server, but it has a lot to offer. You can play various characters, from a criminal mastermind like Lang Buddha to a police officer. It’s also a bit more difficult to join than other servers.

FiveM(r) is one of the most popular GTA V RP servers, and it’s available on the web. To access it, you must ensure your computer is up-to-date. Also, you may want to turn off security tools that are built into the game.

4. Echo RP

The EchoRP is a roleplay server for the FiveM video game. It is a community-driven server with a strong focus on virtual realism. Users can take on various characters and play in various environments. There are also community events and nightlife events.

This server is perfect for anyone who loves to roleplay. Players can create their own communities and explore their characters’ responses to different situations. Additionally, players can join in on community events and street races. In addition, they can earn money by playing with strangers.

The rules are strict, and a ban could be issued if players break the rules. Therefore, all users need to read the rules carefully. You can find the rules on the server’s website.

5. Avoiding Combat Log

The term combat logging is used to describe a player’s interaction with a game scenario. It can be anything from being unable to escape a combat scenario to losing in a fight.

A good way to avoid logging is to always be in character. This means being in voice, not doing anything out of character, and not using Out of Character chat (OOC) to attack players.

You may be inclined to log off the game when you lose a battle, but this is not a good idea. You should always try to resume your roleplay. You should report the incident to an administrator if you cannot do this. Oftentimes, this will prevent you from getting into trouble with the game.

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