Pet Movers Tips on Transporting Animals to Singapore for a Safe Experience


A pet parent’s decision to change a country for personal or professional reasons often demands thorough contemplation. They have to take a quick and firm call about the fate of their furry friends: will they stay back or live with them in the new place? Transporting animals from one place to another can seem complex because of the formalities. But many pet lovers tend to be ready to navigate it. Fortunately, there are professional pet moving services to help.

Whether you plan to move to Singapore from the US, the UK, Australia, or Malaysia, you can arrange safe travel for your little friends with guidance from pet movers. They will assist you at every step to make it a safe relocation experience for your beloved little friend. Before this, here are some essential insights to give you an understanding of moving a pet from any prime destination to Singapore.

Import requirements

Singapore is a rabies-free region, which makes importing a pet into this country a little overwhelming without proper support and preparation. Depending on the place of origin, a pet may need to spend time in quarantine for 10 to 30 days. Since pets coming from Canada or the US belong to category C. They will be kept in isolation for a few days. At the same time, all the veterinary requirements and documentation work should be updated. Vet requirements include planting a microchip, rabies vaccination, rabies test, parasite treatment, etc. Remember, quarantine spots fill fast in the summer and winter seasons. Hence, booking a place for your cat or dog about six months in advance is recommendable. One must do this before getting an import permit.

Import permit

After obtaining quarantine approval, you can get a dog license and import permit. If you have domestic cats, you will not need any license. Import permits usually come with 30 days validity from the date of issue and should be endorsed by the proper governing body. If you want to fetch your pet from the US, you need a USDA-accredited health certificate. It should be received seven days before your travel date and sent to the local USDA office for endorsement. Ensuring that the veterinarian is certified is crucial. Else, you will have to do everything from the beginning. Luckily, professional pet moving companies have your back. So, don’t be stressed.

Your pet can travel with you as luggage or in manifest cargo. Latter is the better option in most cases. You can speak to your pet relocation company about it. The entire import process typically takes about 4 to 6 months to complete. However, it can be reduced to 3 or 4 months if things like microchips and rabies vaccination are sorted. Sometimes, passengers reach their destination late while the pets have already arrived. These are unpredictable situations. A reliable pet relocation service provider can tackle this concern efficiently. So, choose only the best business for these matters. Many Singapore companies specialise in this area. You can rope one of them in based on customer testimonials and their range of services.

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