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Use Instagram Hashtags To Increase Your Audience


Social media has evolved to the point where advertisers effectively use different platforms to expand their businesses. There was a time when people used well-known social media platforms to network and make friends. Many things have changed. Instagram provides excellent options for business promotion, just like Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, if you use Instagram hashtags, it will open up a whole new universe.

Did you know why hashtags on Instagram are important to grow your business? Hashtags are one of the reasons that increase up to 13% of engagement on average. If you use Instagram hashtags, it will help you to reach the target audience that has yet to explore your account. 

Instagram hashtags are beyond marketing strategies. Once you know the importance and its right use, there will be an increase in followers and overall engagement. 

Are you all set to go more in-depth with the strategy? Here is a list of the best practices for using hashtags on Instagram. Know these now and improve your Instagram marketing

4 Best Practices for Using Instagram Hashtags

1) Most-Liked Hashtags 

How do you feel when you search for chocolate cakes and find birthday decor items in Instagram search results? You get to see more ideas to make a memorable event. Ultimately, you will reach out to businesses that offer exciting birthday packages. 

Does it make any sense? Instead of landing on the relevant page, you are reaching out to other accounts. You will give them a follow request so that you can get updates and more relevant ideas.

This is how general hashtags on Instagram work. 

No matter what you are selling online, you can increase the audience by adding the most-liked hashtags. It will help your business to attract more people from around the world. Such general Instagram hashtags hold a lot of worth. You get more impressions and engagement than before. 

2) Industry-Specific Hashtags 

Instagram is a comprehensive platform. From personal favorites to consumer niches, you will find almost every continent in just a few taps. This is how Instagram fulfills user needs and their satisfaction. 

But, effective content includes hashtags, which are more relevant to the customer search. It means you must focus on the customer’s language more than a professional tone. Do not confuse your target audience while they land on the business account. 

Use industry-specific Instagram hashtags so you can lie in the relevant search results. Also, you can discover more similar hashtags to get an idea of which ones to include. Make sure the related hashtags may get you more engagement rather than inappropriate ones. 

3) Product-Specific Hashtags

Now comes the hashtags that define your products and niche. When posting visual content on Instagram, ensure you let the followers know about the image. At times, it becomes difficult for the viewers to comprehend the image, and they simply scroll down. 

Use Instagram hashtags that simplify your image to avoid taking away the crowd’s interest in your account. The target audience often searches for a specific product. If you have that hashtag in the content, you will pop in their search results. 

Furthermore, a product-specific hashtag can be broken down into more hashtags. For instance, if you are selling office supplies, then include a range of products in your hashtag list on Instagram. It can be either office chairs, round tables, office lights, office desks, etc. 

4) Reach The Maximum Count

Do you know the maximum limit to use Instagram hashtags? You can only add a maximum of 30 creative hashtags in your post. And this is the biggest challenge for you to come up in the search results. 

Since you only have to deal with a limited number of hashtags, don’t panic. Use the ones that you think can get more followers. Sometimes, the hashtags we feel can increase the audience are useless. This is due to high competition and relevancy. 

Avoid spamming and keyword stuffing. This can lead to compromising your content’s performance. Hence, you will face more issues in getting the appropriate results. 

A simple approach is to research first and then include the words that are promising yet effective. 

Final Verdict!

Instagram has simple features that are worth exploring. These give you a platform to promote the business and increase sales. The latter factor is what we all need in our business. But, it is only possible if you effectively use Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are a game-changer for any business on Instagram. If you know how to use it, your business will notice an increase in the audience. 

Take a deep breath and start all over again. You can improve your marketing strategy on Instagram like never before. 

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