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13 Best Halloween Spooky Social Media Post Ideas


October is here! It’s time to show your spookiness… Yes, you guessed right! It is Halloween time.

Most of us look forward to Halloween every year with its costumes and “Trick or Treat!” cries. However, making it different and unique from previous years becomes more of a headache. To solve this issue, why not take help from social media?

This article identifies the best social media posts that can take your Halloween game to another level. Let’s dive in to find out.

I think nothing compares to the horrors of generating a post that goes well with all the excitement and “Boo Hoo” of this significant holiday. When thinking about creating social media posts for Halloween, I asked myself, “What could be more difficult than choosing your Halloween costume?” Who wouldn’t want to flaunt their spooky fun and costumes?

So, Let’s create fun posts for your Instagram/ social media to attract people and let them smile and have fun.

Are you confident that you want to proceed?


Okay, let’s start…….

For all those who want to double-deal their Halloween fun with eye-catching social media/Instagram posts, Congratulations!!!! We have bundled up some of that beautiful stuff for you. Thank me later when you make everyone jealous of why they could not come up with this stuff before you.

1) Halloween Dessert Recipes

Halloween was first observed as a harvest festival in the US. So, what could be better than creating a post including Halloween desserts in giant pumpkins and spooky-looking cupcakes? Add stunning ideas to treat your bellies and satisfy your sweet craving to make your social media/Instagram look yummier and tastier this Halloween.

Food is usually visually appealing, and Halloween will do the rest to draw in your audience. So that customers may only find what they want from your post, suggest connections to websites where they can find recipes.

2) Halloween Cocktails

Are you kidding me?? Halloween posts cannot be complete without a cocktail recipe. Don’t forget to name them as frighteningly funny as possible, such as “Spooky Mermaid Punch,” “Ghostly Graveyard,” and a steamy dry iced potion called “Which Hunt.” 

Add strange-looking pictures to spellbound your readers. Suggest recipes your followers can try at home, post photos, and share how the cocktails turned out. This will make your post engaging and let your readers share their experiences. You won’t miss this opportunity to increase followers with your funny cocktails.

3) Books For Halloween

Halloween is a time of fun, joy, and merriment for all. Make it fun and naughty by posting weekly social media posts regarding the best books to read during Halloween.

Make sure the collection of books is spooky yet not too creepy to scare the readers off.  Share some interesting reads for the little ones as well.

4) DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

You already know that Halloween is a fantastic time of year because you may dress whichever you want to, as long as it relates to who and what you like, experiment with your makeup and eyewear, and guess what? No rumors will spread.

Share a brief video demonstrating how to make a DIY Halloween costume at home to enliven your Instagram or social media presence and delight your fans. Would a lot of them benefit from it? It will!

We request that readers share their Halloween costume photos and any compliments they receive on social media. But, before people start scurrying to the stores and congesting the roads (I realize I’m being overly dramatic, but that’s how fun Halloween is. Remind them that acting like good citizens is the most important thing this time and to check what they already have at home.

5) Add Rib-Tickling Social Media Posts That Catch The Attention

As we all know, humor brings light in the darkness. Make the eeriness of the time stranger with bewitching jokes and the play of words. Make regular, comical Halloween posts on your social media to engage and bind your readers to your timeline while you plan your next post.

Being on social media is not just attracting readers but, most importantly, retaining them. Nothing can guarantee retention more than humor and rib-tickling content at this time of the year.

6) Makeup Tutorials That Creep Them All

Create a spell around your viewers by posting creepy makeup tutorials for various get-ups, such as dark & sinister, humorous or funny, cute or pretty, royalty, and much more. You can build up your post around the notion of how to make creepy looks and scary characters with the help of makeup (yes, some false blood and face paint, too).

7) Halloween Costume Designs For Your Pets

How could we leave those beautiful creatures away from all this fun of trick-or-treating? One idea to post on your social media/Instagram in 2023/2024 is costume ideas for your pets.

Encourage your readers to do some planning for their pets this holiday season.

Suggest some website links where they can find ready-made dresses or share some DIY ideas that relieve their burden and are easy on the pocket.

One such idea might be to group costume ideas and style your squad with your pet. This Halloween, become more creative with little coordination and dedication and spare no chance of fun this year.

8) Candy Wars & Contests

Start a contest on social media to showcase strange new candies, weird flavors, and spooky wrappings. As it nears the 31st of October, start a poll to vote for the best candy out of all you have been posting all month.

Engage your readers by asking them to share the places where they bought the candies and, even better, if they were homemade. Interactive posts are always the best to catch the attention of followers. The spookier and stranger they are, the better.

9) Post for Horror Movies & Playlist

Share a list of horror movies to watch this Halloween season. Ask for feedback, and you can compile the most viewed movies in a blog post for your readers.

This could be a weekly post where you suggest a playlist and a few movies, engaging them throughout the week. This will also help you gather original content for your next blog post. So, make the most out of one idea and reap the rewards, and you can thank me later….

10) Send Halloween Scares To Your Friends

Sending Halloween scare bundles to your friends can be another blasting idea for your social media post. Record their expressions and post them on your social media (of course, with their permission).  This would be a hilarious post with pictures of scary and strange expressions of your friends. Make sure the parcels are as spooky and eerie as they can be.

11) Explore A New Local Cemetery

We all know how scary cemeteries are, even on normal days. Add an extra twist for your followers and plan an exploration trip to your local cemetery with your friends. Record the expressions of your friends, or you can also post a live session to satisfy those who want the same experience yet hesitate.

Help them recover their fear and have a little fun this Halloween.

To build traffic on your social media, post your whole plan and timing one day before it happens, create hype like a big event, and enjoy the show later.

12) Prank Posts for Your Social Media/Instagram

Post the Halloween pranks on your social media that scare your reader’s wits off. Don’t forget to give spoiler alerts to instigate them and upsurge their curiosity. The best places to shoot these pranks are public places, such as metros/subways, where people least expect them. Please give them a bone-chilling experience this year.

13) Visual Contest On Social Media

We all like to show off ourselves and our crafty dresses on Halloween. Start a photo contest on your social media. People like to share how they look and get inspiration. Small videos can also be shared to build traffic. Suggest websites where people can upload their photos and enter a contest. Other than that, a blog can also be started where people with maximum likes can share their experience of creating their looks. Try to be as engaging as possible.

Final Words

In this post, I have shared several ideas for your social media/Instagram posts that can be used to engage and spellbound your followers this year. Using them craftily will show a boom of new followers and likes on your social media.

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