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9 Questions That You Must Ask Before Hiring Book Publishing Services


Due to authors’ increased tendency to self-publish rather than choose the traditional publishing path, the self-publishing industry has experienced a significant increase in popularity. However, many writers are still unsure of whether they should try self-publishing and, if so, whether they should hire book publishing services to handle the task. The answer is yes! There are several advantages to using book publishing services that you might not obtain if you publish a book on your own.

If you are tech-savvy and familiar with self-publishing platforms, it’s quite simple. However, not everyone has the time to spend hours in front of a computer creating a book that complies with the platform’s standards. Using professional book publishing services in this situation can be an outstanding alternative. They have an experienced team of professional publishers who are familiar with the criteria and regulations for publishing on each platform.

However, this does not imply that you should work with any book publishing service. Always complete your research in advance to prevent falling for a scam. Browse various business reviewing platforms to determine whether the service you are considering hiring is worthwhile. Moreover, before you sign a contract with the service you have chosen, you must also ask some important questions. So let’s get right to it and find out what you need to ask:

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Book Publishing Services

You must choose the best publishing service from among the many that are available on the market. Don’t fall for the trap; always conduct your research on any service before signing a contract with them. Some of them might give you false hope. Additionally, look through the company’s website to better understand the services they offer.

So, before hiring a book publishing service, ask the following questions. First, you have the right to ask any questions you want and get whatever responses you want. So let’s look at some of the questions you should ask:

Q1. Do I Retain Complete Rights Of My Book?

It is unlawful for a book publishing service to ask for the rights to your publication. Alternatively, they either charge an on-time fee or take a commission from book sales to cover their costs. So, before agreeing to a contract that requests the rights to your book, think it over carefully. Nobody can ask for the rights to the book you wrote in exchange for their services; it is entirely your property.

Q2. Can I Terminate My Publishing Contract Anytime?

A contract can give rise to a number of possible problems. So, always read the terms and conditions of a publishing contract before signing it. Don’t sign a publishing agreement that you can’t get out of or demands rights to your book. But that doesn’t imply that you have the right to end a contract whenever you want for no good reason.

Q3. How Much Will The Publishing Services Cost In Total?

When working with book publishing services, this is pretty crucial. As a result, be sure to get a comprehensive written agreement stating all the services that will be offered over the duration of your contract. Additionally, don’t forget to inquire about each service stated there. Make sure that none of those prices will change in the future and that they are all fixed.

Q4. What Services Fall Within The Publishing Contract?

Will the publisher edit, copyedit, or at the very least, proofread your book before formatting and publishing it? Do these services have a cost? Or will you be responsible for paying for the final manuscript’s creation? The majority of book publishing services offer these necessary services as extras and charge fixed prices. So, consider asking this question because it could have a significant financial impact on you by adding unnecessary costs.

Q5. What Is My Royalty Rate And When Will I Start Getting Paid From Book Sales?

Today, a lot of book publishing services charge royalties on book sales. They manage your book sales and take a predetermined cut of your earnings as a commission. So make sure to ask about it. However, if you don’t want to split the earnings, you can also find a service that simply charges an upfront fee for its publishing services. This way, no one will deduct commissions from your book sales, and you receive your revenues directly into your account.

Q6. Will You Update Me About My Sales Reports?

If your publisher manages your accounts used to sell your book, you won’t likely have access to this information. So, you must rely on your publisher to provide accurate sales data. These sales reports must be delivered to you at least once a month.

Q7. Would You Promote My Book After Publishing?

You can benefit from a large network of readers from professional book publishing services to promote your book. However, in most situations, you need to pay for their marketing services separately if you want to market your book. So, if you don’t have the time or the expertise, this could be a wise choice because they have professional marketers who can create campaigns that are tailored to your needs.

Q8. How Long Have You Been Helping Authors Publish Their Books?

Without a doubt, this is the most important question you should ask your publisher. However, working with a company with a lot of industry experience is recommended because they know how to turn your book into a literary success.

Q9. What’s Your Track Record In The Self-Publishing Industry?

Suppose they have a sizable portfolio and numerous titles published under their name on various self-publishing platforms. In that case, the only thing you need to take into consideration at this point is their proven work experience.

Final Thoughts

You can get answers to a lot more questions from book publishing services. What you desire from a publisher in terms of services and what you expect from them are the determining factors. However, it is strongly advised to look for some reputable service providers as there are a lot of con artists waiting to scam you out of your money. So, do your homework and choose wisely now to avoid regretting later!

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