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Are AI Chatbots Competent Enough To Be Your Next Job Interviewer?


The integration and use of ChatGPT across a wide spectrum of businesses has significantly increased in recent years. This increase can be ascribed to the amazing developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing technology and the numerous advantages that ChatGPT provides to organizations.

ChatGPT’s promise to change client service is one of the factors influencing its rising use. Businesses have realized how effective and efficient it is to use AI-powered chatbots to respond to client questions and concerns. These ChatGPT-powered AI chatbots can quickly answer various inquiries and offer precise information and solutions in real time. In addition to increasing customer happiness, human support staff can concentrate on harder, more specialized work.

Another key aspect of ChatGPT’s popularity among businesses is its capacity to offer 24/7 availability. Today’s customers always anticipate rapid responses. Businesses can consistently support clients in many time zones and locations by deploying AI ChatGPT. This round-the-clock accessibility enhances both the client experience and the brand’s reputation.

Is Chat GPT A Better Job Interviewer Than Human?

  • Unconscious biases and differences in inquiry approaches might impact human interviewers. On the contrary, AI chatbots provide all applicants with a standardized and uniform interview experience. This minimizes the possibility of bias and produces a fairer evaluation process by guaranteeing that each application is assessed using the same set of standards. Businesses believe that chatbots have increased their sales by 37% (source- Forbes).
  • AI chatbots can conduct pre-set interviews with questions about the position or sector. These inquiries can cover hard and soft skills, enabling businesses to evaluate an applicant’s abilities and appropriateness for the job in-depth. In addition, chatbots can record and analyze candidates’ responses, enabling a data-driven evaluation procedure that supports rational decision-making.
  • AI chatbots provide scalability. Human interviewers may find it difficult to conduct several interviews in a limited time as businesses receive many applications for job positions. However, AI chatbots may interact with numerous candidates simultaneously, efficiently handling the interview process and accelerating candidate evaluations.

Industries in Which Chatbots Are Used for Job Selection

1. E-commerce and Retail: 

Retail businesses frequently receive a high number of submissions for a variety of roles. Candidates can be screened using chatbots, which can also be used to test candidates’ communication abilities and mindset toward customer interactions.

2. Customer Service: 

Organizations prioritizing excellent customer service, including contact centers or internet-based assistance services, utilize chatbots to assess applicants’ aptitude for handling client inquiries, resolving problems, and maintaining a polished manner.

3. Human Resources: 

Interestingly, chatbots have been used by the human resources sector to perform early candidate evaluations. Generative AI chatbots can elicit information from candidates regarding their qualifications, experiences, and preferred areas of employment, assisting HR managers in reducing the applicant pool.

4. Finance & Banking: 

In the economic industry, chatbots can evaluate applicants for positions requiring meticulousness, analytical skills, and familiarity with financial rules. Candidates might be shown hypothetical situations, including business dealings or risk management.

5. Sales and Marketing: 

Organizations utilize chatbots to gauge candidates’ aptitude for persuasion, interactions, and customer comprehension. AI chatbots can evaluate candidates’ responses by simulating sales scenarios.

What Makes Chatbots So Advantageous?

  • The benefits of integrating AI chatbots into numerous industries are changing how organizations function and interact with their clients.
  • These interactive AI agents provide several advantages that improve productivity, client experiences, and corporate results.
  • Chatbots add a whole new level of productivity. They are always accessible to respond to consumer inquiries and requests without being restricted by time zones or business hours.
  • Because of this constant availability, customers will receive prompt assistance and responses whenever needed.
  • Generative chatbots are excellent at multitasking, juggling numerous conversations simultaneously, and quickly answering common questions.
  • Chatbots are excellent at providing standardized and uniform responses to client inquiries.
  • AI Chatbots deliver constant information and communication regardless of the volume of interactions they handle, helping to build a solid and trustworthy brand image.
  • Customers gain trust and reliability from this level of consistency, which increases their faith in the company’s products.


AI chatbots are becoming the new job interviewers, revolutionizing the hiring process with efficiency, uniformity, and data-driven insights. It is essential to take a balanced approach that considers the advantages of both technology and human judgment to assess candidates’ fitness for a post thoroughly. Chatbots are frequently used with conventional interview techniques to establish a comprehensive evaluation procedure.

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