When to Consider Rhinoplasty in Singapore – Expert Advice from an ENT Specialist


Also called a nose job, rhinoplasty can reconstruct or shape your nose to elevate its visual appearance and improve the overall facial profile. Whether you need a slim, sharp, or narrow nose, it’s the way to achieve the desired look after considering other essential features. But this nose surgery is not just about aesthetic enhancement. People need it to correct annoying nose conditions, restore normal functions, and lead a healthy life. Rhinoplasty can be of two types, such as open or closed. Open rhinoplasty requires making an additional incision closer to the nostrils. It helps ENTs to get a clearer view of the nose and implement any significant change.

On the other hand, closed rhinoplasty mainly focuses on the inside part of the nose, reducing scarring risks to a great extent. This procedure is recommended for minor changes. You can read about this treatment in detail at https://earnosethroat.com.sg/rhinoplasty-singapore-nose-job-surgery/. Before this, let’s understand when one should think about this surgery as per the ENTs.

The need for rhinoplasty

Improper nasal widths, droopy nose tips, post-traumatic deformities, and other cases can benefit from this surgery for its reconstruction efficiency. However, a person with chronic sinusitis or deviated septum should also think of this option. The nasal septum refers to your nose bone and cartilage that compartmentalizes the nasal cavity into two. If this structure moves from its place, leaning to one side more, a person can face a few health challenges, such as snoring, sleep apnoea, headaches, breathing trouble, and sinusitis. An ENT specialist can fix this issue with rhinoplasty by changing the shape and size of the nasal cartilage and bone.

Chronic sinusitis patients can use this procedure to relieve sinus inflammation and swelling. In some cases, the growth of nasal polyps is the real problem. These unwanted growths interfere with regular nasal drainage, leading to infection. However, doctors can work on the nose shape and airways to improve breathing and minimise sinus infections.

Age consideration for rhinoplasty

Many people worry about their facial features and feel insecure about their appearance. Those who want to benefit from its aesthetic contribution should wait for their face to grow to its full potential. Typically, facial growth in females concludes at around age 16 and in males around age 18. However, others may need this surgical intervention early due to their specific health condition. When you consult an ENT specialist, they will inform you about its suitability depending on your requirements. If you seek rhinoplasty for a badly deformed nose, the appropriate time for this can be your late teen years.

Remember, every surgery takes time to reflect the proper outcome. After rhinoplasty, swelling and bruising can be experienced. Swelling can resolve by itself in two weeks. However, the full impact of the surgery will be known only after six months or so as most post-operative side effects disappear, leaving a clear view of the operated site. Also, the longevity of this procedure largely depends on the use of materials. Factors like aging and changing facial features can also affect the work of the surgery down the road. But that’s natural. Your ENT can help you manage them.

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