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How To Delete A Reddit Account [A Quick Guide]


Getting rid of an account on any website is harmless. Simply click the delete or deactivate button to get rid of the negative experience if you’re not happy with the service. Since users have complete freedom to access the services that are intended to give them meaningful experiences, every social media platform gives them this choice. The same applies to Reddit, where you may remove your account from anywhere. But do you know how to delete a Reddit account? Continue reading to find out. 

A Reddit account helps you to view the most important information according to your requirements. The platform supports such user needs because information across the internet is huge but may only be reliable sometimes. 

But who knows when the platform will become a pain to you. Even if you are getting everything according to your desires, you can delete the account anytime. 

No one can control anyone’s choices. If a platform offers all the required things, many users may still not be satisfied. And the permanent solution is to delete your Reddit account.

The question is how to delete your Reddit account. You are wrong if you think there is rocket science behind it. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to separate yourself from Reddit. 

Steps To Permanently Delete Your Reddit Account 

Refrain from fretting if you want to understand how to delete a Reddit account. Every site has the option to leave. Whether it is an eCommerce platform or Reddit, you can leave the platform by your will and desire. Keep in mind that you are cutting off your relationship with the platform, and it will take a lot of courage to return to it. 

So, are you prepared to delete the account and live a peaceful life again? These steps will surely help you to achieve the goal easily. 

1) Access The Site – One Of The Simple Ways Regarding Deleting Reddit Account 

The first and foremost step to deleting the account is accessing the site. Since users carry gadgets from different brands, you can simply choose the browser of your choice. 

The simple is to log in to the site from any browser that is compatible with your system. 

2) Login To The Site 

Another important step is the login. Not necessarily; you are already login to your account on the same browser. 

Suppose you haven’t been permitted to keep yourself logged in. This is because you have to enter all the credentials whenever you access the site. And this is the most time-consuming phase we have to face before anything good we see.

Once you log in to the Reddit account, it will redirect you to the homepage. 

3) Jump To The Settings 

Not all options are present on the home screen. You have to dig deeper into the site to access the desirable options. 

The Reddit account also has the same features. You should first find the user settings and reach what you have been looking for. 

You will find an icon on the right corner of the site. Click it, and a drop-down menu will pop up on your screen. Here you will come across many options that might not interest you now. So, leave it and follow the next step. 

4) Explore User Settings 

Now here comes the feature that you would want to achieve the only goal – delete your Reddit account. In the drop-down menu, click on the user settings. This is exactly what you should be interested in and has everything to make you out of trouble. 

Once you click the option, you will be redirected to the account. Again, there will be some options that you might prefer to avoid. Hence, only look for the desired settings to avoid hassles. 

5) All Set To Deactivate 

Now, this is the last step that will take you to your destination. Deactivating or deleting an account from any platform is the right solution to keep oneself away from undesirable things. So, you will only find this option. 

In the bottom right, you will see “Deactivate Account.” This is absolutely the solution to your problems. Just click on the option, and your account will be deactivated immediately. 


You were conscious of how to delete your Reddit account, right? But, there was nothing as complicated as you were thinking. Often, we panic before exploring it by ourselves. It is time-consuming if you are not a pro at using the internet. But, if you know how a site performs, there is nothing to worry about. 

Did you see how easy it was to permanently delete or deactivate the account from Reddit? The same is the path for any platform; you can easily keep yourself away from social media

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