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Among Us VR Release Date Announced – Get Ready!


Among Us VR Release Date Announced

✦ Release Date

November 10, 2022, is the scheduled release date for Among Us VR. The game will only be available for PC, PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and Meta Quest via Steam.

The game Among Us VR is going to become accessible on this platform almost a year after it was first announced. The release date for Among Us VR has been announced by the project’s creators, the Schell Games studio, following extensive testing to determine whether the experience is ready.

Even though Among Us is already entertaining, the VR version ups the ante by adding a new element of tension and mayhem that will give the seasoned gamer a new viewpoint. You can see that the game switches to a first-person perspective in the gameplay clip that was released back in April. The addition of hands, which you can flail about as you run or use to literally point fingers at someone you believe to be the imposter in the group, raises the amount of confusion.

✦ Version

There will be a Steam VR edition of Among Us VR in addition to the Meta Quest 2 version. When the PlayStation VR2 is released, a PlayStation VR2 port will be made available. Currently, the release date for the PSVR2 is unknown 2019.

✦ Features

The redesigned task, sabotage gameplay, and fresh viewpoint on emergency meetings are all exclusive to Among US VR. You can now blatantly point fingers while trying to place the blame for murders and sabotage on one another. Additionally available in this game version is proximity chat. Cross-platform eligibility, which enables players from other platforms to play, kill, complete missions, and betray one another, is a significant aspect of Among Us VR.

✦ Pricing


With a price of £7.99/$9.99, Among Us VR will go on sale this September/November 10th if you pre-order it through the Oculus Store. Why not utilize your free time until then by creating the occasional evil master plan?

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